If you are interested in volunteering, please call 506-658-2980.

Positions Descriptions


  • Answering phones, taking messages and answering questions to do with programs, rentals etc.
  • Directing people as they come in, asking them to sign in, and making appointments
  • Passing along and taking information regarding programs, resources and other community information.
  • Taking down people�s feedback and showing people the website etc.  
  • Giving rental, volunteer and employment applications to people that request them.
  • Other duties as required  


Administrative Assistant

  • Taking rentals fees, assisting people to fill out rental applications.  Discussing with potential users what the possibilities might be for programming and rentals
  • Typing letters and forms for other staff in the centre  
  • Sitting in on different types of meetings, taking minutes and typing up the minutes and disseminating these to participants

Special Event Support

  • Set and Take down for events
  • Help with events
  • Participate and help One Change�s events
  • Participate and attend Volunteer committees

Committee Member

  • NNC Youth Council
  • NNC Community Advisory Committee


Music Mentor Program

  • Teach how to play an instrument or to sing
  • Teach how to read Music.

After School Program

  • Work with children ages K to grade 5
  • Prepare schedule
  • Plan Activites


Homework Tutor

  • Tutor students who may need help in school studies


Art Program

  • Offer art classes with member who may be interested art and forms of art
  • Offer classes for our youth or after school programs


Cooking Classes

  • Offer classes to people who are interested in learning how to cook.
  • Teach and plan Healthy snacks and meals.



  •  A great chance to be involved in our community garden.
  • Teach community and youth all about gardening.

Youth Program Volunteer

  • Participate in our youth program
  • Take part in planning activities for our teens


Teen Program Volunteer

  •  Participate in our Teen Program.
  • Take part in planning activities for our teens


Website/Social Media

  • Be part of the building of our website


Fitness Mentor

  • Teach and Mentor healthy lifestyle.
  • Teach about equipment and safe use.